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Academia Sinica
Academia Sinica is the most prestigious academic establishment in Taiwan. It was founded in 1928 in Nanjing, China and relocated to Taipei, Taiwan in 1949. It follows the model of Collège de France and the American Academy of Science and Art, promoting advanced research and intellectual inquiry. It now has a total of thirty one research institutes and centers devoted to in-depth research on a wide range of topics such as physical sciences, life sciences, humanities, and social sciences. The mission is to undertake intensive academic research to provide guidelines, channels of coordination, and incentives geared toward raising academic standards in Taiwan. The institutes are all headed by world-class scholars, many of whom have received prominent awards for their research such as the Nobel Prize, Presidential Science Prize, and International Radiation Commission Gold Medal. Many have also been awarded grants from the government and abroad, like the National Science Council’s Research Grants and Fulbright Scholarships. The Convocation of the Academia Sinica consists of 241 Academicians, including 83 domestic and 158 overseas appointed scientists. Seven Academicians of Academia Sinica are Nobel laureates. Academician membership is an honorary lifetime privilege without remuneration.

To learn more about Academia Sinica, please visit: http://home.sinica.edu.tw/en/about/history_and_mission.html