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As one of the thirty-one research institutes of Academia Sinica, Institutum Iurisprudentiae (IIAS) stands as the most preeminent and energetic institution of legal studies in Taiwan. Founded in 2004, the IIAS can find its roots back to the initial establishment of Academia Sinica in 1928. It now has eighteen full-time faculty members and hosts visiting fellows and post-doctoral fellows from different countries. In accordance to the institute’s missions and strategies, the IIAS focuses on six core research areas. The first area is constitutional structure and individual rights, which focuses on fundamental issues related to the rule of law, democracy and constitutionalism. The second area is administrative regulation and judicial remedies, which have sprung up in line with the development of administrative law, public policy and regulations. The third area is law, science and technology. Academia Sinica has been excelling in scientific development, but was also in need of legal innovation that provides cutting-edge ideas for scientific and technological advancements. The fourth area, jurisprudence and social change, covers legal philosophy, legal research methods, legal history, and legal sociology. The fifth area focuses on legal development in China, Hong Kong, and Macau. This particular research is crucial because these countries and Taiwan share the same cultural background of Chinese society but with different historical developments. The IIAS can provide more insightful studies of these areas with its advantaged position. The last core research area is judiciary system, judicial behavior, and legislative studies, which supports empirical legal studies and social scientific approach to the judicial system.

To learn more about the IIAS: please visit http://www.iias.sinica.edu.tw/cht/index.php?code=list&ids=78&eng=1